Sunday, May 11, 2008

16 random things about me

1. Never thought that i was tagged, so when i saw my name in the list, i was surprise and can't believe... jejeje... Honestly, i checked brenda's list of friends first... perhaps, i am not only the Rhoda in her list, but there's only one rhoda so i assume this as me and i am forced to do so... wahhhhh... Thanks...

2. I already had a crush since kinder... i admired different boys in every year/grade level... ika-nga, by batch din to, ‘stig ... in that young age i know cushes already... wahhhhh.. kaulaw ra

3. I was a celebrity for my sisters and bro since we don't have a TV when we were young... They told me, i made them laugh... I was once a comedian... not now... idlas n daw ko... jejeje

4. Familiar with Good News song for kids? I sung that song when was young as "on yut (good news) on yut, Chryt (Christ) died por me, on yut on yut, ip i belib, on yut on yut, im sayb (save) eternally, dats wonderpul etra on yut". Jejeje... My mom recored that on tape. Another one, c onat c onat gtambok sa dagat ky tsay nakatala... jejeje

5. Mangulata og ate, unya mohilak pg mabalsan ky mas sakit man mangulata ang ate... jejeje

6. I love my sisters and brother... and my parents

7. I love my Jesus, my savior... above all

8. I want to be a missionary, a humble and anointed servant of God. To speak humbly but with confidence sharing God's love...

9. Inggit ko sa mga taong used by God mightily - anointed one... maka pangutana jud ko sa Ginoo, Lord, gusto ko maging ana,pareha niya, When pa man?... im not after for the fame but i really want to be used by God like He is using such people.. Fully committed only to HIM

10. Sometimes, i see myself praying to people; ministering to them... sa ako ra na huna huna ha... can you feel my heart's desire?

11. Maulawon kau ko, ambot ngano mn ni ui... basta naa n ko sa atubangan ky mangurog mn akong tingog maski ang akong kaatubang ky kaila n nako og dugay.. hahay

12. Pag naay bisita sa balay. Hala tago sa kwarto with all the behaveness. Pg mg kaon nah... hilom ra kau mi, ky bawal mg sabat2 sa storya sa mga tiguwang.. sigaan k og mata ni papa.. hantud ron ng dagko n lng mi.. nadala namo.. jejeje

13. I love crying... I love the song "Cry out to Jesus"... And I love to see people crying out to Jesus... Desperately

14. I want revival and i need revival... first, to myself... Am I selfish? jejeje.. yeahh I want it to the whole world as well.. pero sa ako sa LORD...

15. Hapit na jud.. duha na lang.. kapoi huna huna unsa mn tong akong mga kalaki sa una ui.. ehehehe... wahhhh.. i remember, i was afraid attending revival services before.. You know why? huhuhuhu... ako pirmi ig-on sa Ginoo... wahhh.. kaulaw baya.. maulawan pud baya ko... sauna ra to... jejejeje...

16. Sekreto n lng ning ika-16 beh... jejejeje... bitaw, i'm excited to attend our National Convention (Christ to the Philippines) this May 19-24 sa manila.. gisungog ko bcn dli n dw ko makabalik ky gtandog akong heart sa Ginoo mgpabilin didto to attend bible school.. wahhhh.. ayaw sa Lord... ng leave lng baya ko, wa p baya ko mg resign... jejeje.. bitaw... who knows...

It’s your turn.

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