Sunday, May 4, 2008

This Year for me...

I originally posted this to my other site account on January 21/08.

This year is gonna be a great year for me... I have a big expectation beyond/behind my situation I have right now. God knows everything in me. My past, present and my future... He keeps holding me in the middle of my struggles... He keeps taking care of me in this crazy world. He keeps reminding me in this foolish heart of mine... hehehe… Peace be with me! Struggles, hopeless, helpless, broken, wounded, defeated and troubled. Those are the things I had and still fighting against them with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Last year was a great year… challenges were faced but still steadfast under God's grace. But this year will be a remarkable year for me… There's gonna be a great awakening or revival in my life and I believe it. My faith are: I am no longer struggling; I am full of hope, completely free, completely healed and victorious by the blood of our savior and now my king, Jesus.

He is my redeemer and He did redeem at the cross…

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